Because of the high expenses moving entails, reducing costs is of the utmost importance to many of us. This new Alpha Moving and Storage blog article discusses practical ways to significantly reduce moving and storage costs

Starting Your Moving and Relocation Preparations

To reduce costs, preparations should begin early. This will give you enough time to do some or all of the packing involved on your own. Packing books, files, CD collections and so on, is highly effective in reducing relocation costs. You should also look into ordering packing materials a few months ahead of your anticipated moving date. Remember to order shrink-wrap and adequately sized boxes for your kitchenware, files, electronic equipment and so on.

Locating Your Relocation Company

Selecting the right moving and relocation company is also essential in lowering your costs. A reputable company will offer you a set price in writing. In most instances, a reputable relocation service provider will send a representative to your house in order to accurately assess your moving needs and price them appropriately.

Final Preparations Before Your Move

Be sure to be in constant contact with the relocation company you selected. If you have any inventory fluctuations – adding or removing items, call your sales representative with an update. We recommend that you trim down your final inventory, especially for long distance moving. Because long distance moving is calculated according to the weight or space of your shipment, doing some “spring cleaning” before the move could significantly lower your costs. You’d be amazed at how much unnecessary stuff you considered to simply throw onto the truck.

As always, if you have any questions regarding lowering your costs, or any other moving-related questions, be sure to give Alpha Moving and Storage a call.

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