Selecting the right long distance moving company can make a world of difference in experiencing a better and less stressful relocation experience. This new Alpha Moving and Storage blog article offers some practical tips that will help you in making the right decision.

Searching for Quality Long Distance Service Providers

Quality long distance service providers will have a local headquarters in your area, an impeccable Better Business Bureau reputation and plenty of references to provide you with. Ask your friends and relatives if they had used a moving company in the past year or so and can recommend one to you. Personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

Comparing Long Distance Prices

Long distance moving is done with shared trailers in order to make the moving price more affordable. This is why you need to compare the basic charge unit that each mover is offering you. The basic charge unit – a rate per pour, or per cubic foot, should appear on the written estimate the relocation company provides you with.

Making a Decision

Any moving related decision should take into account the location of the moving company, its reputation and the price that it offers you. Avoid selecting companies that do not have a local headquarters in your area. Such companies will find it difficult to answer last minute needs and adjustments and may sometimes even subcontract another mover to pick up your goods. Make sure the price you are selecting is not “too good to be true.” All prices should be backed up in writing. Your written estimate should include the final price, the basic charge unit and all possible additional fees.

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