Moving can turn into a highly stressful experience if you end up selecting the wrong relocation company. This new and informative Alpha Moving and Storage blog post will provide you with some essential tips for selecting the right moving and relocation service provider.

Saving Money by Preparing Early

The first and important tip we can offer you has to do with starting your preparations early. Early, especially for long distance relocations, means at least five to seven weeks before your actual moving pickup date. Starting your preparations early will help you with saving money for packing. Ask your moving and relocation company to provide you with packing materials in advance. These can be delivered to your door several weeks before your pickup date. Packing books, files and other non-breakables can significantly help you in reducing the moving costs.

Communicating with your Relocation Company

Update your moving and relocation company about any inventory change. Especially if a long distance move is involved, even a single piece of furniture, a sofa or a refrigerator, for example, could influence the price of the move. Call your relocation consultant and update him or her about any and every inventory fluctuations.

Selecting your Relocation Company

Your final selection should be done only following an in-depth research in which you will compare prices, reputations and locations. Be thorough and don’t hesitate to call your relocation consultant to ask questions. Ask for the companies to send an estimator to your house and provide you an on-location written estimate. Such estimates will nearly always be more accurate.

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