An on-site estimate can make a world of difference when it comes to getting an accurate estimate for your local or long distance relocation. This new Alpha Moving and Storage article will demonstrate why on-site estimates are so important and will show you how to properly receive them.

Why Getting an On-Site Estimate is so Important

An on-site estimator will come to your house, inspect all your items and prepare an accurate inventory list. Additionally, the on-site estimator will be able to offer you an accurate assessment of packing and packing materials necessary for your relocation. The estimator will also be able to inspect parking arrangements, flights of stairs and so on.

Questions you Should Ask Your On-Site Estimator

Ask your on-site estimator for references for the moving company he represents. The estimator should leave you with a written estimate detailing all costs. The estimate must also contain a detailed account of the packing and packing materials required for the move. Ask your estimator whether his estimate includes packing. If you are moving long distance, you should ask the estimator about the terms of delivery and the timeframe it would take to deliver your goods.

Receiving Several On-Site Estimates and Making a Selection

When getting on-site estimates, our recommendation is to receive no more than three written estimates from reputable companies you trust and have thoroughly checked their reputation. Your final comparison should take into account following variables: the reputation of each company, the bottom-line price, the services offered in this price, whether or not packing and packing materials are included, and whether or not the moving company is local. Please contact Alpha Moving and Storage if you have any more questions about receiving an on-site estimate.

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