Moving is associated with organizing, packing, and heavy lifting, all of which are not pleasant. Halloween is the perfect time to add fun to all that work you will be involved in. Halloween gives a silver lining. Furthermore, imagine the spooky experience you will have with all the boxes, empty space, and extra packing paper. You don’t have to skip Halloween because the 31st marks your moving day. The moving will be a bummer but you can still enjoy the costumes, decorations and don’t forget the candy.

Tips for Moving During Halloween

Create an evening haunt with all the empty space

Moving out or moving in will definitely involve a big empty house with lots of boxes which is a perfect setting for a pre-made haunted house. You don’t have to put away family photos or your kids’ toys. The simple empty space is spooky enough and sufficient to create a haunting experience. You don’t have to use a lot of effort. Only embrace your house and make it fun. You can also put up a few zombie props, white sheets and strobe lights in the dark to intensify the atmosphere. Without a doubt, people will believe that your house is haunted.

Use packing materials

You will always have tape, boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap as you move. If you didn’t know, packing materials can make very good Halloween tools. It gets easy for a creative who thinks outside the box. You can use mobile apps to help you with ideas on how to decorate a box for the night of tricks and treats. Packing paper can also be used as mummification wrappings. Use bubble wrap green for a swamp-like makeover. Or what about creating the perfect creepy coffin prop for a vampire costume out of a box?

Get away from the house with a trunk or treat event

It is no secret that moving during Halloween can be pretty hectic. The costumes, stage makeup, candy and all the activities of Halloween can get overwhelming. To get away from the packing frenzy and what not’s, attend a trunk or treat event in your neighborhood. In the midst of all the packing and moving, it is important to have fun with the kids and make most of Halloween night.

Trunk or treat is one way to do that. You will simultaneously avoid messing your well-organized home and enjoy a little fun and candy. Whether it’s in the church parking lots or community centers, you can enjoy trunk or treats from areas close by. Embellish your car and remember to fill your trunk with treats.

Decorate your new home in moderation

You must make a first impression on your new neighbors. You definitely want to avoid being labeled as the “movers of Halloween”. Decorating only the entryway of your home can portray your family as a fun one. Regardless of the fact that most of the people will be moving around with boxes rather than trick or treaters, you will still give an impression.

You don’t need to go overboard since you are just moving in. so leave all the cobwebby stuff for the next Halloween when you will have settled down into the neighborhood. Lastly, you can make it even more interesting by having your family dress up in themed family costumes. Your moving experience in Halloween will definitely be different.

Keep a stock of sweet treats for the trip

Halloween involves indulging in treats and sweet things. It is the perfect incentive to carry travel snacks most especially if you’re moving to another state. You can take advantage of the sales racks or raid your kids’ loot bags to stock up candy for your journey. Bulk chips, candy, chocolates, soda and every kind of snack are available. They are definitely not the healthiest but they are fun to indulge in.

Make up a treasure hunt

You will discover new and interesting stuff as you pack up. Some of these things were probably around for years and were forgotten. During Halloween, you can dig up these old and interesting things and create something new. It can be a sort of treasure hunt. There are plenty of uses for old items.

Making Halloween costumes for yourself or your kids or even selling them to make some downsizing money. Whatever it is, there are plenty of ways to utilize your old treasures. People love to buy old clothes and forgotten souvenirs during Halloween to craft a unique mix and match costume.

Make time for your kids’ trick or treating

You should not let moving day hinder your children from enjoying trick and treats. Make some time for them to go around the neighborhood so that they can make memories as well. Children enjoying trick or treating and there is no reason they should miss such an activity. In addition, this is a great opportunity to meet people in your new neighborhood

Look at your home from the outside before dark

It is no secret that Halloween can get creepy and scary to some extent. The weird noises at night can frighten you. As you move, take note of the structure of your house before it gets dark. Watch out for tree branches or any other natural or man-made feature that could make noises during the night. If you do hear funny noises at night, look out for ghosts or the witches. They both love moving in the darkness. You might catch a glimpse of one.

Plan events before moving day

In order to create a more memorable Halloween, you need to spread out your celebrations somewhat. The first time you move during Halloween will not be all that because there are expectations and things that need to get done. Remember, the point is not just to have fun and forget the work that needs to be done in unpacking boxes and settling in. Fortunately, the allure of Halloween grows with each year.

Community centers, shopping malls, cafes and movie houses have Halloween slots days or weeks before the 31st. You may have to spend your 31st haunted by a pile of boxes and bubble wrap but if you attend as many organized events before that, you will still have made the most out of the season.

Hire Movers

Moving whether it is during Halloween or any other time of the year can get overwhelming. There is so much to do yet you still want to enjoy the holiday. You can decide to hire movers to help you with the moving process to give you more room to make the most of Halloween. When you hire movers, you will create more time to decorate your house, whether the old or new, to fit the season. Your kids will have more time to enjoy trick and treats. There is no shame in asking for help.

If You Need Help Moving During the Spookiest Time of Year, We Can Help!

It is up to you to make the best out of your moving experience during Halloween. At alpha moving and storage, we give you the best service to ease your moving process while you still enjoy your Halloween. Don’t be frustrated and miss out the fun of the night altogether. Visit us at and let us help you enjoy Halloween to the fullest.




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