Moving is already an exciting time for many, but some of you might find yourself moving with only your sweetheart as muscle this Valentine’s season. Despite how romantic as it is, moving with a small crew that includes just the two of you can be especially difficult. As local New Jersey Moving & Storage Specialists we’ve got some moving tips to make your move safer and easier on the two of you.

Planning & Safety tips on how to move with a small group from a New Jersey Moving Company

Experts for moving, Alpha Moving and Storage, have some moving tips and advice that can help you make your romantic move with your sweetheart easier. Below in this post, you’ll find moving tips that can help you make a safe and careful move. You’ll need to plan accordingly, communicate with one another, and lift your items properly. With those three things, you should be able to perform a successful, safe, and if you’re the type, romantic time of your move.

Plan Carefully

Planning your move is essential, especially when you’re expecting a limited crew to help you do the actual lifting. Pack well in advance, for with only two of you packing away your precious things, it may take much longer. When you pack, do so carefully and be mindful of how heavy the boxes you’re packing will be. You don’t want to pack a box full of books only to be unable to lift it when the time comes!

Label, Label, Label

Be certain to label everything, particularly your fragile items. Give yourself little warnings with notes or markings that indicate which things are heavy and the items that will require both of you to move. Labels will also help you decide where things get placed in the moving truck and how you’ll carry them out of the house and into your new one when the time comes. Labels can also be good if you are unable to pack together so that the other person can identify the contents of a box if you’re not around.

Make a List of Equipment You May Need on the Big Day

Write down the equipment you might need, and make certain to have it ready and available before the day of the move. Some equipment you might use will include, moving straps, dollies, gripping gloves, solid close-toed thick shoes, boxes, totes, bubble wrap or paper and tarps.

Aside from preparing for all of the equipment you’ll use, be sure to keep things clean and tidy on the day of the move. You don’t want anything to trip you up physically in your path. Keep cords, boxes, and furniture out of the main way to and from the truck, and be mindful of steps. Plan to use tarps to protect your furniture and your floors.

Don’t Forget to Measure Your Furniture

Finally, you should measure the doors and furniture. Not only will this help you determine if some of your larger items will need to be tilted and taken out of the door, but it will also help you determine the size of the truck and moving vehicles you will need. Sometimes furniture will need to be carried in a certain way by the two of you, which will affect how easily they are to move. Lastly, planning ahead helps you determine if the two of you alone have all of the right equipment to work alone.

Communication is Key to ANY Relationship or Move

Communicate your plan to one another thoroughly prior to beginning your move, especially if you did not make the plan nor pack together. Talking through your plan will give you an edge on how you want to follow through on your move and avoid any hiccups the day of.

Communicating is only part of how you’ll succeed in moving with just your sweetheart. With a small crew, it is especially important that you double-check everything and work together. Be sure to communicate during the move with your sweetheart anything that comes up. Together you are more powerful than alone.

Make Sure You’re Doing What You Can, and Only What You Can

Don’t let the other person overdo it. Anything over fifty pounds regardless of its size should be handled by both of you. Try not to leave one another alone to do any heavy lifting. Remember that this is a partnership move, so those heavy items you marked should always be moved on together. Don’t be afraid to spot one another when carrying some of the more awkward items. An oblong table might be lightweight, but it could be easier to carry with the two of you. In times like these, being safe is better than being sorry!

Be honest with one another about what you can do. If something is too heavy for you, do not keep that item to yourself to try to save the other person the trouble. Set the heavy item down carefully and inform your partner that you’ll need help even if you hadn’t anticipated the difficulty of the item until that moment. As long as you communicate, no matter what your move situation is if you’re bound to keep things going smoothly and always forward.

Team Lift Your Heavy Items

Even the best-laid plans can go awry if one of you gets hurt. Take all of the safety precautions possible when lifting items and boxes for your move. Use the equipment you brought, dollies, straps, and gripping gloves as instructed. Take precautions not to trip or fall on anything in the path, clear it away as best as you can. Do not rush when lifting. Some things you’ll need to think about every time you pick something up to make certain you are lifting correctly.

Proper Team Lifting Procedure 

Start with your feet between hip-shoulder-length apart, keep your back straight, shoulders up, and your head facing forward. Let your legs do the work, bend at your knees and lift with the stronger leg muscles rather than bending over. Carry all items close to your body and in front of you. Do not lift anything above your head, and don’t twist or shift your body while carrying things. Move forward with purpose, and be mindful of your surroundings.

Leave it to the Local New Jersey Moving Professionals

Know your limitations. Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your partner for help moving something too heavy for you, you should know when the two of you are not going to be fully equipped to handle the move yourselves. Special furniture, large appliances, and other household items can be too much even for the most determined couples to handle. Leave the move to us and you and your sweetheart can rest easy knowing all of the heavy liftings will be safely taken care of by the professionals at Alpha Moving & Storage.

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