There are many reasons why you would be looking into finding a mover, and Alpha Moving and Storage is happy to help you plan for ways to make it easier. We can always help you through the difficulties of any downsizing or with the long-distance challenges you may face. Here are some tips on moving into a smaller home and what to look for when selecting the right long-distance moving company if you’re going south for warmer winters.

Downsizing Tips

Relocating to a smaller home can be a very rewarding thing to do, with many benefits. Even with the rewards, we understand that the idea of eliminating some of your prized possessions can be difficult. We’ve compiled some tips to help make the prospect of downsizing homes easier.

Carefully choose the big stuff

When moving into a smaller home, the first thing to consider is if you need your large furniture and appliances. They can be difficult, and possibly expensive to move, and larger items might not fit well into your new space. Moving from a larger home into a smaller one for downsizing might mean you need to get rid of a few things you thought you couldn’t live without. Maybe it is time to rehome the guest-room bed set, the hallway dresser or even your big dining table. Choose only your most favorite furniture items to move with you. Choose the ones you can’t see yourself without. You might also consider getting rid of everything and starting new when you arrive at your new home.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Eliminating the buildup of small things will be the easiest way to plan for your downsizing. Pack only the things that you absolutely cannot live without. Shred those boxes of papers and recycle them. Do you actually use the decorative pieces on your mantle? Do your books and shelving adornments really need to come too? You’ll be surprised how much room small items take up in your packing. Maybe it is time to pass on grandpa’s pocket watch, or trade in some of those collectible statues or donate your book collection. If picking entire personal items to give up is too difficult, try going through everything bit-by-bit. Make a pile of books to keep, and a pile to donate. Or, stick to something not as emotionally charged. Get rid of old hobby items first.

If it is precious, take it with you, or give it to whom it belongs to

When downsizing you do not have to get rid of all of the things in your life that you love. Many of our personal items accumulated over the years hold great value to us emotionally. There are ways to downsize even with the most important items. If you have items that you’ve retained from when your children lived at home, or inherited things meant for others, now is the perfect time to gift these items to the people that should have them. Grandma’s China Hutch that your sister always wanted? Go ahead, pass that on to her! The cedar chest you’ve saved for your daughter? Now is the perfect time to see that she gets it. There’s no time like the present when it comes to passing on your favorite possessions to the people you’ve been saving them for, especially when you’re considering a downsizing life move.

Consider storage

If you find your downsizing is temporary, or your loved ones are not ready to inherit their items, you can always consider keeping things in storage. Storage units are a safe, secure place to keep your items that you do not need when downsizing or living cross-country. Your moving company should be able to organize a two part move so that some of your things can go into storage while the rest goes with you.

Finding the Right Long Distance Moving Company

Get an estimate

When you’re looking at storage units, or considering a moving company for downsizing, especially long-distances, it is good to get a quote. Sometimes there are aspects of a move that you had not considered, and the experts will be able to help you decide the best plan for your move. Many reputable movers will offer quotes free. Do so many weeks in advance to plan yours and secure availability.

Licensed and Insured – Reliable and Experienced

When moving, especially long distances, there are many things to consider. You could be crossing state lines, there could be weather hazards or alternative routes. The safety of your cargo is vastly important, as is the efficiency in which your items arrive at their destination, so when looking for experts, make sure to find those movers that are licensed and Insured for long-distance moves for they’ll understand the state and federal laws and regulations and will be able to help you with any of the details of your move. (More on this in our previous blog!)

Alpha Moving and Storage is here for you!

If your are downsizing homes, you might already feel bogged down with the considerations of moving your things into storage, or fitting what you do own into your smaller home. Alpha Moving and Storage is here to help you plan your move and your storage needs.


Looking to downsize? Don’t do it alone! You can always reach out to us at your Local New Jersey Moving Company Alpha Moving And Storage for a free storage or moving quote, or check out our blog for even more Moving Tips.

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