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Selecting Reliable and Affordable Long Distance Moving Companies

Although much has been written about the importance of selecting reliable movers, many customers make the same mistakes and choose to put their trust in less-than-reputable companies. This new Alpha Moving and Storage article offers some practical advice that will help you avoid making this mistake.

Performing your Initial Search

Most people nowadays search and find their movers on the internet. There are advantages to this, especially the wealth of available information. Nevertheless, you need to make sure you are dealing with an actual, reputable company. Anyone can open a website and declare himself a mover. This is why you need to carefully check and verify all license numbers and addresses.

Finding out More about Your Movers

To find out more about your movers, check that all their licensing information is correct and that there are no outstanding complaints about violations. You will then need to check with the Better Business Bureau about the company’s reputation. Don’t forget to ask the moving company you are considering for relevant references. Any decent company should have enough recent references to provide you with. 

Selecting the Most Reputable and Cost-Effective Company

Once you have verified the reputation of the moving company, it is time to compare prices. The best way to do that is to look at the basic charge unit rather than the bottom-line price. Comparing the basic charge unit will allow you to make accurate comparisons. Ask each mover for the rate per pound, or the rate per cubic foot used to calculate your moving price. Compare the basic rate each company provided you with, then, consider all possible extra possible fees. Compare charges for packing, storage (if relevant) and other services detailed in your written estimate.

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