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Full & Partial Packing Services by Movers In New Jersey with Alpha Moving & Storage

One of the most important decisions regarding your upcoming move will be whether or not to pack everything yourself or to have the movers do professional packing. Alpha Moving & Storage offers both full and partial packing to accommodate your moving needs to or from New Jersey and New York.

Making these decisions on how to pack for your next move will influence your entire preparation schedule. It can also influence your moving dates, as full packing may require an additional packing day.

Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you.


Full Packing and Moving Services in NJ

When you select the full packing service from a company like Alpha Moving & Storage, it means that the mover will bring all the boxes and materials that you need and pack the entire content of your house.

Packing materials include not only boxes but also bubble wrap for glass items, white paper for packing dishes, and more.

Specially designed boxes are available for packing books, dishes, televisions, electronic equipment, clothes, mattresses and more.

For larger moves, a separate day of packing may be required. In this case, the moving company will come a day before the actual moving date to prepare and pack the contents of your house.

Self-Packing or Partial Packing Services in NJ

When you decide to pack yourself you will need to get the boxes and the materials yourself. You will also need to create a packing schedule to avoid a situation in which you will be unprepared on the moving date.

You have the option of ordering packing materials from the relocation company you’ve selected, such as the professional moving company Alpha Moving & Storage.

Alpha Moving & Storage offers box delivery services. You can order all the materials, including boxes, bubble wrap, tapes and white paper, and have them delivered by our movers to your doorstep.

With a partial packing option, you have the option of allowing the movers do only some of the packing for you. Many people prefer to leave the breakable items and the electronic equipment for professional movers to pack.

Alpha Moving & Storage also have packing materials stored on the truck, available for last minute packing on the moving date. Contact us for any questions on full or partial packing services that we offer.

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