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Finding the Right Moving Company – Jersey City and the Surrounding Area

Finding the right moving company for your coming move in Jersey City and the surrounding area depends on three things: selecting a local company with offices and facilities in JC, receiving a written estimate and making the communication and selection choices. This new Alpha Moving and Storage article will help you in making that right choice.

Understanding what “Local” in Moving Actually Means

Many companies present themselves as local, while actually located miles and miles away from Jersey City. This is why you need to request the actual address from each company you communicate with. Make sure you don’t get a P.O box, or an address for a self-storage facility.

Receiving an Estimate from your Local Jersey City Company

Ask your mover to send an estimator to your house and provide you with a written estimate. Such estimates are far more accurate. Most times, a local mover should not have a problem to send you an estimator. On the contrary, if the company is genuinely located in Jersey City, an estimator should be easily available.

Communicating with your Jersey City Mover and making the Right Choice

Start early, contact your local Jersey City mover at least three to five weeks in advance to ensure availability. When the time comes to select your moving company, be sure to compare the basic charge unit. This is the price per hour for local moves and the price per cubic foot or per pound for long distance moves.

If you have any questions about local or long distance moving in Jersey City or the surrounding area, be sure to contact an Alpha Moving and Storage relocation consultant for further details.

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